Motorcycle Stunt Shows in the UK


Motorcycle stunt shows are a thrill-seeking experience for the motorcycle lovers. Featuring motorbike stunts, ramp jumps, Wheelies, Stoppies, and backflips, the motorcycle stunt shows excite audiences by giving them the adrenaline rush! In the UK, there are several crowd-pulling motorcycle stunt shows taking place throughout the year, including the BMF Peterborough Motorcycle Show, the Flyin Ryan Motorcycle Stunt Show, and the James Dylan's International Motorcycle Stunt Show, among others.

BMF Peterborough Motorcycle Show

The BMF Peterborough Motorcycle Show is a highly regarded motorcycle event in the UK as well as one of Europe's leading outdoor motorcycle shows for over 37 years. The arena show includes exciting indoor and outdoor motorcycle stunt displays as well as a big exhibition of all sorts of motorcycle related items including gear, boots, helmets, tires and more.

In 2013, the organizers introduced the Classic & Vintage Tour to improve the show and provide the audience with the opportunity to see and hear vintage machines in the Fire-it-Up zone. Additionally, there is the Adventuring and Overland Touring, where visitors can enjoy extraordinary presentations and meet some of the leading industry specialists in the motorcycle stunt shows.

Flyin Ryan Motorcycle Stunt Show

Flyin Ryan is UK's No 1 Motorcycle Stunt Show with a really skilled team that performs a traditional motorcycle stunt show, including risky daredevil stunts, dangerous fire stunts, and comedy routines alongside a hysterical non-stop commentary that escorts the 30 minute show.

Flyin Ryan himself performs extraordinary one-handed, one-legged, standing up, sitting down wheelies or even standing on his seat and standing on his seat one legged. Fellow performer Jumpin James performs freestyle tricks such as high jumps over cars and steam engines, but with no landing ramp, which makes the display really dangerous. The show involves also female performances by teenage twin stunt riding girls and five riders who escort them. Yet, the main female attraction is Hayley the Fire Queen, the world record holder in fire stunts.

James Dylan's International Motorcycle Stunt Show

James Dylan's Stuntworld, the UK's most qualified Stunt Team, performs thirty minutes of Freestyle Motocross (FMX), a variation of classic motocross, and one of the world's fastest growing and top crowd-puller adrenaline motorcycle shows in the world. Using custom made takeoffs and new ramp technology, which can be used both on tarmac and grass, FMX features impressively high jumps (30ft-35ft) and extreme stunts. The riders perform non-stop stunts with the incorporation of cancans, huge whips, cliff hangers, seat grabs, heel clickers, bar hops and Supermans. With such displays the show turns into one of the most breath-taking adrenaline pumping and skilful motorcycle stunt shows in the world! Even more impressively, the riders have no footers and handers when performing their dangerous tricks, while the comedy routine makes the whole event an unforgettable family entertainment!

Broke FMX

Similar to James Dylan's Stuntworld, Broke FMX features extraordinary Freestyle Motocross stunts to the cheering audience. Featuring the leading FMX riders in the UK, incorporating breathtaking tricks in their displays such as jumping 35ft in the air and performing dangerous acrobatics over gaps of 100 ft, Broke FMX has become one of the most watched adrenaline motorcycle shows in the country, but also in the world. Besides watching the show, the audience is invited to interact with the riders and have a close look at the motorcycles.

Sparky Stunts Drifting Stunt Show

Sparky Stunts, one of the leaders in motorcycle stunts with over 30 years' experience in display riding, road racing and stunt shows, literally lives for the motorcycles. Also known as the "Drift King", Sparky Stunts enjoys a global recognition and over the years he has perfected his talents in various areas of motorcycling, has won several competitions and has become a really diverse rider. The Sparky Stunts Drifting Stunt Show is featured at numerous grand openings, product launches, and other corporate and promotional events.

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